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Since 2002, when NEWBAKE S.A. was set up, its people have been armed with incomparable experience, knowledge and all the necessary means to bring forth quality products adapted to the modern needs of food service.

NEWBAKE S.A. is a Greek industry, considered to be a model for all food industries and the biggest company with frozen donuts in southeast Europe. What is more, NEWBAKE S.A is the exclusive representative of EUROPASTRY association in both Greece and Cyprus and with its top frozen products covers every need in the baking and confectionery field.

Slowly and steadily, our company’s based on quality and innovation,
as it focuses on using less salt, not using any genetically modified
ingredients , trans-fats, preservatives or colorants. Our qualified staff
always keep up to date with all the latest developments as far as the
food industry is concerned, as well as using modern procedures
for the production.

By choosing the best raw material and packaging materials based on the highest standards, the quality of the products is guaranteed all the way. NEWBAKE S.A. has implemented ISO 22000-ISO9001-HALLAL, as a result , it is subjected to annual controls , which ensure both quality and safety.

For NEWBAKE S.A. it is of high importance to invest in modern technology, fully qualified personnel, along with high quality and the unique taste of its products. In our company’s new and modern facilities in Kifisia, Athens, Greece our innovative products are produced in the best possible environment, while the constant training of the personnel and the value of safety are of paramount importance.

That is why NEWBAKE S.A. is the leading company in its field in the Greek market, also having a dynamic presence in many foreign countries, satisfying its customers’ needs in the best possible way.

NewBake sa - Παραγωγής Κατεψυγμένων Donuts